Reynold’s & Moran Editions

Pro Staffers Claude Reynolds and Ryan Moran recently added 2 new customs and 2 pro Drift Series rods to their arsenal. Thanks guys and we hope to see them in action this summer.


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Children’s Miracle Network Tournament

Pro Staffers Claude and Ryan fished the Children’s Miracle Network Tournament in West Virginia yesterday and placed 4th out of 39 boats with 44.96 pounds. All 3 fish turned in were blues and tuned back one other blue and two Flatheads. Claude said we were getting down all morning with no fish and only couple bites. Pulled up to spot we said we was going to fish next time we came over and that’s when we started catching them all between 12- 2:30. Three things got accomplished on this trip. We caught our West Virginia blues, and got to break in 1 of the new Blackhorse Pro Drift series then both of the custom rods. The Pro Drift for bumping is flat out awesome. Very light and comfortable in you hand and we could feel everything. Also the new customs rods load up perfect.

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Jr Pro Staffer Connor King July 25th

Conner and his family fished at the Metropolis IL, King Kat tournament July 25th coming in 9th with 3 fish! Great job to the King family and Conner! Well done.



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Pro Staff Reynolds & Moran July 25th

Pro Staffers Claude Reynolds and Ryan Moran fished the Cabela’s King Kat Circut this past weekend in Metropolis, IL and came away with an 11th place finish. Claude said “It turned rough with the river on hard drop for everyone fishing the day of the tournament.” “The water drop took us and lots of others game plan right out the door.” “For us it turned to a run and gun kinda day finding spots fishing and moving.” “But that’s why they call it fishing and not catching. Team Parkside Marine/Elite Rod Holders Catfishing weighed in one fish @ 32.68 # Great job under tough conditions guys


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Max Brower Twisted Cat Edition

Max Brower from Boone, Iowa  just received his new Twisted Cat Rod from us. We are looking forward to seeing it in action soon Max. Thanks again for your business. We hope you enjoy the new rod.


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Blackhorse Owners Giveaway

Ok just so everyone knows I will leave this post pinned to the top of our Facebook page. This is where you will post your picture for the giveaway. Post it in the comments. Remember you must like this post and share our page to be eligible for the drawing.
Ok Folks the Blackhorse giveaway starts at Midnight tonight. Start posting those pictures at 12:01am.
Blackhorse will be giving away a Black Cat Custom Rod at the end of Summer to one our lucky Blackhorse Rod owners.

This will run starting April 1st and go until Sept 30th.

All you have to do to be eligible is to
1. Post a picture of you with your Blackhorse custom rod.
2. Like this post.
3. Share our page on your timeline.
4. if you do not own a Blackhorse yet and are thinking about ordering one you must have paid your deposit before the time line expires to be eligible.

Please do not enter your photos until April 1st.

Good luck to all who enter
Good luck and let’s start seeing those pictures


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Dennis Mayo Edition

Dennis Mayo of Dardenne Prairie, Missouri just added a new Black cat to his arsenal. This one will be shipping out soon Dennis and thank you for your continued support of Blackhorse Rods. We hope you are truly satisfied with your new rod and don’t forget to post some pictures on our Facebook page.


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Pro Drift Series ~ Bumpin Rod

Pro Drift Series Rods…This is the ultimate hand rod for drifting catfish. If you back bounce while drifting then the Pro Drift Series is the best rod made for what you do. The most sensitive, strongest, bouncing rod made anywhere. These are not carbon junk or cheap graphite. These rods are made of the highest quality graphite on the market and are not a wimpy bass or musky rod converted to catfishing. The Pro Drift rod is made for catfish, big catfish, and can be used for drift or anchor fishing, but is built to hold in your hand while drifting. “NOTHING COMPARES…NOTHING!!! If you don’t think these are the best on the market, contact Jeff Dodd, Russ Devore, Jason or Vicky Mathenia, Jason Jackson, Tony Hunt, Doc Lang, Justin Wolfe, Bill Parfit, Josh Mayes, Cindy Stokes or a host of other tournament fishermen that are currently using these rods.

For those looking for Bumpin Rods, here is something to consider when purchasing a rod. Graphite is the lightest and strongest material. However, there are many varieties of graphite, depending on manufacturing quality and process. Modulus is a term that describes the stiffness to weight ratio of the graphite that’s used to create the rod blank. So when you are bouncing or cast a lure, the rod flexes with the weight of the lure, storing energy as it flexes. When the motion of the rod stops, the rod flexes and releases all of its stored energy. When you increase the modulus of the graphite, you increase the ability of that graphite to store and release energy. This not only increases the strength of the rod but also sensitivity. You also increase the speed that the rod releases the stored energy and the reaction speed and power of the blank. Most if not all production rods use a standard 33 million modulus graphite blank to build on, the very expensive blanks use 42 million modulus blanks to build on. The Blackhorse Pro Drift rod is built on a 55 million modulus blank, that is why is is the strongest, most sensitive rod made for back bouncing or bumpin on the market today.

Call me if you have any questions about this Rod.


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Janet Fox~Catfish Queen Edition

Introducing the Janet Fox Catfish Queen Edition Rod. Thank you Janet for choosing our Pro Drift Series Rod for your Bumpin needs. The Pro Drift is the best rod on the market anywhere for this style of fishing for big cats. Blackhorse Rods thanks you for your custom build. We hope you are truly satisfied with your new rod and look forward to seeing it in action soon.


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