Pro Staffer Chuck Davidson takes 2nd at Wheeler

11903721_1018768661467795_1651114875860945526_nACT pulled into Wheeler last night expecting big results. As usual, Wheeler did not disappoint. Rain earlier in the day made for a cool night of fishing and turnout was great. The trail continues to catch on with anglers from Alabama and surrounding states!

Pro Staffer Chuck Davidson said “It was a great night of fishing Kris and myself did all we could do but because of a few rookie mistakes we came up short.” Chuck can’t wait until New Years for the Winter Blues on Wheeler. Chuck mentioned “We were surrounded by a great group of guys last night and met a lot if new friends in person and as always we had such a good time.” Chuck and his brother Kris managed 2nd Place with a total of 66.4 lbs. Big Fish: 44.7 lbs.

Great job guys

Blackhorse Rod Review

Blackhorse Custom Rod Review

Blackhorse custom rods have been a mainstay in the catfishing industry for a long while. Owned by Lyle Stokes, Blackhorse rods have always fit the bill when it came to anglers wanting a functional rod, fully customized at a desirable and competitive price point.


A few qualities that I desire in a rod specialized in taming trophy catfish:

Backbone – Gotta have it. It’s as simple as that. A rod without enough power to bear down on a big fish and get it turned in my desired direction allows the fish has the upper hand before it even knows that it’s hooked! 75% of the time I am fishing with the reels in free spool and the clicker on, a 7/0 Kahle hook through the back of my select baitfish just waiting for me to drive it home, into the mouth of grandpa Flathead. Backbone allows me to hook and stop a fish that is swimming off at a steady pace. The Blackhorse has plenty of backbone and it helped me to land multiple trophy flatheads in 2014. (Including the 49lb fish pictured above)

Forgiveness – Also a must-have when fishing for trophy catfish. When using low stretch or braided line, there are two connection points that allow room for error. The rod and the drag system on the reel. A rod that flexes passed the first few guides allows the angler to keep ample pressure on the fish and also doesn’t allow the fish to shake the hook free, is highly desired. Many trophy catfish are lost close to the net by simply shaking the hook free because there isn’t any flexibility to absorb the shock created when these fish surge.

For the entire article click on the link Gear Information Blackhorse Custom Rod Review

Children’s Miracle Network Tournament

Pro Staffers Claude and Ryan fished the Children’s Miracle Network Tournament in West Virginia yesterday and placed 4th out of 39 boats with 44.96 pounds. All 3 fish turned in were blues and tuned back one other blue and two Flatheads. Claude said we were getting down all morning with no fish and only couple bites. Pulled up to spot we said we was going to fish next time we came over and that’s when we started catching them all between 12- 2:30. Three things got accomplished on this trip. We caught our West Virginia blues, and got to break in 1 of the new Blackhorse Pro Drift series then both of the custom rods. The Pro Drift for bumping is flat out awesome. Very light and comfortable in you hand and we could feel everything. Also the new customs rods load up perfect.

Pro Staff Reynolds & Moran July 25th

Pro Staffers Claude Reynolds and Ryan Moran fished the Cabela’s King Kat Circut this past weekend in Metropolis, IL and came away with an 11th place finish. Claude said “It turned rough with the river on hard drop for everyone fishing the day of the tournament.” “The water drop took us and lots of others game plan right out the door.” “For us it turned to a run and gun kinda day finding spots fishing and moving.” “But that’s why they call it fishing and not catching. Team Parkside Marine/Elite Rod Holders Catfishing weighed in one fish @ 32.68 # Great job under tough conditions guys